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Halpin Leadership Industries (HLI) is a leadership company that focuses on improving overall leadership behaviors to help teams reach new levels of performance. The company uses skills that focus on encouraging and enabling employees to be successful, while teaching leaders to sustain outstanding performance once it is achieved. Based on decades of experience, our model focuses on creating emotionally secure cultures that lead to excellent decisions.

Our Vision

To increase the capability of collaboration and communication in order to improve safety, performance, and quality of life.


Edward Halpin

First and most important, Ed is the proud father of three great children, grandfather, and loving husband. Ed is also an appreciative leader who has had the privilege of enabling team performance and seeing individual leaders rise to new heights of success. Most importantly Ed is a leader who sincerely cares for those who he has served and is dedicated to helping people improve their own lives.

“In my 40-plus years of consulting work, I’ve been blessed to work with a lot of smart people. Ed Halpin is one of those smart people. But his special “multiplier-effect” comes in four all-important areas: (1) personal integrity, (2) ability to analyze and solve problems, (3) understanding of how to establish and maintain a high-performance work culture, and (4) skill in building strong relationships of trust. Ed is a top-notch professional who gets my unqualified endorsement. His example and methods have been captured in my book entitled Change Friendly Leadership.”

– Dr. Rodger Dean Duncan,

Author of Change Friendly Leadership.

“Ed Halpin is a rare blend of sophistication, experience and compassion. He is one of the few in my field that deserves the serious attention of any leader who is committed to creating rapid, profound and sustainable change.  His leadership example has been captured in our update electronic version of Crucial Conversation.”

– Joseph Grenny,

Co author of Crucial Conversations and The Influencer.

“Ed Halpin is a Facilitative Leader. That’s what people around him have said for 25+ years. There are three things a facilitative leader accomplishes — with and through others. They produce mission-critical results. They improve core business processes. They strengthen workplace relationships. As a senior executive and Chief Nuclear Officer, Ed has empowered thousands of people to work together to better serve their customers and each other. It starts with listening better and takes shape with informed, collaborative action. Now Ed is showing other senior managers and executives how to leverage their special talents as facilitative leaders. Go Ed!”

– Barry Rosen,

CEO of Interaction Associates

“Halpin is a unique leaders who takes on a collaborative, systematic approach to building successful teams. His methods are worth understanding and implementing. I have captured the essence of his positive, enduring and successful approach in my book, Nuclear Energy Leadership.”

– Dr. Mary Jo Rogers,

Author of Nuclear Energy Leadership

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