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What is Halpin Leadership Industries?

Halpin Leadership Industries (HLI) Inc is a leadership consulting company that focuses on improving overall leadership behaviors so as to help teams reach new levels of performance. The company uses skills that focus on encouraging and enabling employees to be successful while teaching leaders to sustain outstanding performance once it is achieved. Our model is based on decades of experience that focuses on creating emotionally secure cultures that lead to excellent decisions. HLI’s vision is to “Increase the capability to work together and dialogue so as to improve safety, performance and the quality of life”. HLI offers a variety of services to accomplish this vision from safety culture assessments to teaching risk informed decision making as well as skills that help us improve overall teamwork.

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Who is Edward Halpin?


First and most important Ed is the proud father of three great children, grandfather and loving husband. Ed is also an appreciative leader who has had the privilege of enabling team performance and see individual leaders rise to new heights of success. Most importantly Ed is a leader who sincerely cares for those who he has served and is dedicated to helping people improve their own lives. In June of 2018 Ed was recognized by the California State University educational system with an Honorary Doctorate of Science for his impactful leadership in the community and in the electric industry. This honor was sponsored by California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly) in San Luis Obispo, the town in which Ed and his family reside.

Ed is a 35 year energy industry veteran who’s passion is leadership. Prior to becoming CEO of HLI Ed Halpin served as Senior Vice President, Generation and Chief Nuclear Officer (CNO) for Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E). In this role, Ed was responsible for overall strategic direction and leading upwards of 3,000 employees who were focused on the safe, reliable and affordable operation of almost 8,000 MW’s of PG&E owned generation.

Ed Halpin giving a Cal Poly 2018 graduation speech

Ed Halpin giving a Cal Poly 2018 graduation speech
Prior to joining PG&E, he served as Chairman of the Board, South Texas Project Nuclear Operating Company (STP), for whom he also served as President, Chief Executive Officer and CNO.

In 1983, Ed graduated from the U.S. Naval Academy with honors where he earned a bachelor’s degree in Ocean Engineering. He later graduated as valedictorian with a master’s degree in Strategic Communication and Leadership from Seton Hall University. He also received a master’s degree in Human Development from Fielding Graduate University. Ed also has the privilege of lecturing at MIT on risk informed decision making.

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