Part 2: Capacity and Risk

Two areas change leaders often forget to assess include the capacity of the organization to accomplish the envisioned change, as well as the risk the organization may face as it looks out into the future. Are you thinking of conducting a merger and acquisition as we emerge from this pandemic? Do you know if you have the talent and resources necessary to accomplish such a change? As you move ahead, what could go wrong, how likely is it to go astray and what would be the consequence? Do you have an enterprise risk program that answers all three of these questions and puts actions in place to minimize the risk?

Our discussion of Capacity and Risk will help ensure the change you are leading your way through has a fighting chance of being successful.

This post is a part in a series on Change Leadership. It presents a succinct, action-oriented model on implementing change. If you’d like to start with the introduction, click here. To see Part 1 Vision and Goals, click here.