Part 3: Vital Behaviors

Change Leadership requires a few vital behaviors to shape the outcome of the change being executed.  Two important vital behaviors include:

  1. Conducting effective meetings: Meetings are a microcosm of the organizational culture.  If you have well run, uplifting meetings you probably have a good culture that embraces change.
  2. Creating an emotionally safe speak up culture: This is done by having good collaboration and conflict resolution skills. The ability to consistently collaborate with anyone, anywhere is key. Knowing how to collaborate and bring out the best in your employees while working through a crucial conversation is essential for creating a speak up culture.

Cultivate these vital behaviors and your success will almost be guaranteed as a change leader.

This post is a part in a series on Change Leadership. It presents a succinct, action-oriented model on implementing change. If you’d like to start with the introduction, click here. To see Part 2 Capacity and Risk, click here.