Part 4: Structure

Structure helps to give the team information on what to do when they don’t know what to do. Structure is like having a GPS in navigating an unknown territory. Without it we are lost and the feelings of anxiety and despair of not knowing what to do can overcome us.  Structure brings us hope. It builds trust through good communications and clarity of the task at hand by using a written process. Structure lets us know if we are on track as we lead our change to a successful completion.

This discussion on structure completes a multiple series of vignette’s emphasizing what is important in making your change successful from a leadership standpoint. We hope these thoughts and approach have been helpful during this difficult time.

This post is a part in a series on Change Leadership. It presents a succinct, action-oriented model on implementing change. If you’d like to start with the introduction, click here. To see Part 3, Vital Behaviors, click here.