Leadership and Management Model:

“Encourage – Enable – Excellence that Endures”

A team of strong leaders supporting and continuously growing a healthy organizational culture is essential to sustaining high levels of safety, reliability and affordability. The link between highly effective leaders and the resultant high levels of sustainable performance is supported by numerous examples throughout the businesses we serve. In fact, without the right focus on culture, disasters can happen. Research of almost every major industrial accident in the last century will demonstrate that a lackadaisical approach to leadership and safety culture were prime contributors to the accident.

Our decades of leadership and management experience has shown organizations can dramatically change for the better in a short period of time by focusing on human behavior. A holistic approach must be taken to positively shape behaviors by focusing on encouragement or intrinsic motivation, enabling motivated people to be successful and finally focusing on ensuring mechanisms are in place to sustain excellent performance. Our organizational leadership and management model addresses and ties together the key elements of all three phases. This approach has led to noteworthy sustained success in highly regulated and complex organizations during challenging scenarios.

In order to “Encourage, Enable and have Excellence that Endures” (three key shaping factors in achieving sustained excellence) we must establish emotional security. Creating an emotionally secure environment where team members are not afraid of raising any issue allows individuals and teams to progress through the cycle and have enduring performance that’s excellent. Without emotional security fear drives behaviors and performance stagnates and can easily erode into catastrophic situations. This model focuses on putting safety culture first.

The following set of vignettes start with an introductory video of the “4 E’s model” of “Encourage”, “Enable” and “Excellence that Endures”.  Each element of this model will be examined with the desired outcome of helping teams to form a leadership and management model that works for you.

Stay tuned for Part 1 of this series, “Encourage the Heart.” For more resources and learning, check out our recent series on Change Leadership!