Path of Most Persistence:

Why Nuclear?

Nuclear is a powerful technology that produces an incredible amount of electricity.  For example, the Diablo Canyon Power Plant is a two-unit nuclear station that produces 8% of the power for the state of California. It is clean, affordable, reliable, and most importantly, safe.  The Diablo Canyon nuclear facility takes up only 550 acres of land.  When the nation, and those who lead it, truly become concerned about climate change, they will recognize nuclear power as a major influencer in protecting our environment.  

To watch the full interview, click here. This clip is part of a breakdown series of the full Texas A&M Nuclear Engineering and Science Center’s Path of Most Persistence podcast interview between Dr. Valerie G. Segovia and Edward Halpin. Each part highlights a different point of discussion and may feature additional learning materials for you to view. Check back next week for part three. Click here to view part one.