Path of Most Persistence:

Don’t Tell Yourself A Story

Don’t tell yourself a story about another person. It drives us to go down the emotional, negative spiral and before you know it the relationship is ruined or worse yet, that person passes away and true feelings are never expressed. Treat relationships as precious and work on them each and every day. 

To watch the full interview, click here. This clip is part of a breakdown series of the full Texas A&M Nuclear Engineering and Science Center’s Path of Most Persistence podcast interview between Dr. Valerie G. Segovia and Edward Halpin. Each part highlights a different point of discussion and may feature additional learning materials for you to view. Check back next week for the final clip. Click here to view part one. To view last week’s part, click here click here.

Crucial Conversations, the key to emotional safety. To learn more, check out this video showing the effect Crucial Conversations had when implemented at the South Texas Project nuclear power plant.