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Rick is an expert in assessing operational risk using a multitude of cutting edge tools which are grounded in probabilistic risk assessment methodologies. Halpin and Grantom have worked together since 1988 delivering risk informed tools to the nuclear industry in order to operate safely and more efficiently. Through Rick’s expertise the nuclear industry received risk informed technical specifications, graded quality assurance, and risk informed asset management tools. His work has been expanded behind the borders of nuclear power to other large assets, such as hydro and fossil generating stations.


Dave Garchow is an experienced International executive with demonstrated results leading nuclear organizations. Provided direct support to international and domestic nuclear executives in their quest to achieve high levels of nuclear safety. Dave is an expert in most aspects of the global nuclear power industry, notably leadership and managing risk. Dave also has strong business development skills with an MBA focused in Management from Keller Graduate School. Dave and Ed have worked together for the last 20 years in a variety of ways conducting assessments and providing leadership training both in the United States and abroad.


Dr. Jeff Jeffries is the Owner and President of Paradigm which provides Management and Technical Consulting to the Nuclear Power Industry.

Dr. Jeffries is an internationally recognized expert in the areas of licensing, nuclear safety, risk assessment and nuclear security. He holds a B.S. degree from the U.S. Naval Academy, along with M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Nuclear Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. He is also a graduate of an Executive Management Course at the Kenan-Flagler Business School, UNC-Chapel Hill. He was an Instructor in the Nuclear Technology Program at Penn State University and an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Nuclear Engineering Department at North Carolina State University for several years. He is a Fellow of the American Nuclear Society, a member of the Society of the Sigma Xi (Scientific Honorary), and served as a member of the Industry-Professional Advisory Council (IPAC) for Penn State’s College of Engineering. Jeff received the Outstanding Engineering Alumnus (OEA) award at Penn State in 1999, the OEA is the highest honor conferred by the College.

Jeff served as Chair of six different nuclear oversight boards and member of four additional oversight committees. Dr. Jeffries has conducted numerous event and personnel investigations. Jeff also served as senior consultant to several major projects including: Safety Culture Assessments, Reactor Vessel Head Replacements, Extended Power Up rates and the nuclear industries Fukushima Response. Jeff and Ed have worked together for the last 15 years ensuring high standards were maintained in the operation of multiple nuclear power plants.


Kevin Richards is the President of KDR which offers expert consulting in a variety of fields including excellence in project management as well as independent oversight committees. Kevin was a key architect in developing and teaching strong project management skills and was uniquely responsible for the refueling outage success at STPNOC in the mid 1990’s through 2012, helping the team to conduct safe and world record refueling outages. Kevin was also the senior executive over the Advanced Boiling Water Reactor project at STP. He also acted as the interim CEO of STPNOC following Halpin’s transition to PG&E in 2012. Kevin and Ed have worked together for 30 years enjoying a collaborative relationship that delivered multiple successes for a variety of companies.


Kevin is President of Nichols Wealth Management, Inc. He provides financial planning services for individuals, corporations, trusts and retirement accounts. Kevin is committed to making objective recommendations, adhering to strict and disciplined investment strategies, and being responsive to the goals and concerns of clients throughout their lives. Kevin has been instrumental in helping to establish Halpin Leadership Industries and has worked with Ed for the last 5 years. Their partnership and caring friendship are projected to produce great things. He has been a resident of San Luis Obispo County since 1978. Kevin has been married to his wife Hope since 1985. They have three children: Austin, Bethany, and Caroline.


(born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma) is an American author and business consultant whose focus is leadership, human performance, and the strategic management of change. Bestselling author Stephen R. Covey called Duncan’s work on leadership “brilliantly insightful, inspiring – profound, yet user friendly – visionary, yet highly practical.”[1] Duncan’s consulting and coaching clients include executives and leaders from some of the world’s most prominent companies in a wide range of industries. He is author of the internationally bestselling book Change-friendly Leadership: How to Transform Good Intentions into Great Performance. The book has won numerous awards, including the prestigious Eric Hoffer Award for “the advancement of principles and practices that are vital for a thriving society.” In addition to consulting work, Duncan is a regular contributor to Forbes magazine.


Ed is the passionate leader of two incredible companies. Visual Purple is noted for its innovative approach to the next generation of training and education. Savant X provides artificial intelligence that ironically is not inspired by the human brain. Ed has been instrumental in helping Halpin navigate through the nuclear industries response to Fukushima as well as providing visionary development of artificial intelligence to help companies understand the voluminous amounts of data and records they retain and using that data to operate safer and in a more cost-effective manner.


Javid is a high performing strategy and operations executive with over 15 years of diverse business and management skills. Javid has had progressively more senior roles in industry and consulting where he has made a transformative difference in all the roles he has taken on. Originally from London, and with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Javid has led multiple teams, major initiatives and achieved positive outcomes.

Most notably, Javid was responsible for designing and implementing enterprise-wide programs at Pacific Gas and Electric Company including Records information Management and Corrective Action Programs, Continuous Improvement and Change Management functions. In addition, through Javid’s leadership PG&E became the 1st utility in the United States to receive accreditation of PAS55, ISO55000 and API 1173 standards. As part of this accomplishment Javid made a significant impact on the safety and safety culture by designing and rolling out a Corrective Action Process, modeled after the nuclear industry.


Robert is an incredibly positive individual, reliable leader and contributor in several roles. He has worked extensively in multiple areas for a variety of companies providing Engineering Project and Site Management expertise. Bob’s dedicated focus on safety, quality, reliability, client satisfaction and schedule/cost have resulted in noteworthy successes in the electric and nuclear power industry. Ed and Bob have worked together for the last 30 years and started their relationship during the initial construction of STP Unit 2 in 1988.

Joseph Grenny

Joseph Grenny is a four-time New York Times Bestselling Author. Co-Author of Crucial Conversations, Crucial Accountability, Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change, and Change Anything. He is a co-founder of VitalSmarts and recent co-founder of The Other Side Academy.


Barry is the President and CEO of Interaction Associates. With 30+ years in the learning and performance improvement industry, Barry has held the IA positions of Senior Collaboration Consultant and Director of both the Training and Consulting Practices. He is the designer and developer of much of Interaction Associates’ intellectual content, including leadership, teamwork, and facilitation workshops. Barry is also the founder of Zoom Collaborate, an IA strategic business partner focused on building collaboration skills through virtual coaching and training. He is a co-founder of the Interaction Institute for Social Change, IA’s sister organization dedicated to advancing the practice of citizen democracy.

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