Leadership and Effective Meeting Management

NOVEMBER 29, 2018

At Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa – Pismo Beach Hotel

Leadership has many attributes worthy of discussing. One that’s essential is the ability to have productive and collaborative meetings. Ed Halpin, a 35-year Utility veteran, has a passion for helping teams be successful as well as a track record of noteworthy accomplishments. His experiences are blended into a workshop that teaches specific behaviors leaders can use to have effective meetings and make key decisions. If you are tired of wasting your time in meetings that drone on, damage relationships and don’t move the needle on performance, then this workshop is for you.

The workshop will help you learn and practice the skills of effective meeting management. By attending, you will receive a full student guidebook on Facilitative Leadership (Interaction Associates LLC). Breakfast and lunch are included as are reduced room rates (35%) at the Dolphin Bay Resort for the entire time of your booked “learning vacation”. The resort is one of the elite hotels on the Central Coast of California.

Class size is limited to 20 attendees. The workshop fee is just $850 and tickets can be purchased in the section below through Eventbrite. Rooms are booked separately by Dolphin Bay Resort & Spa. Make sure you mention you’re attending the Halpin Leadership Industries leadership workshop in order to receive a 35% discount off of their standard published rates.

If you have questions please contact Heidi Goodgine at or call 805-303-1172.

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What is the purpose of the workshop and what can I expect to learn?2018-10-26T06:29:33+00:00

As leaders, how we meet is vitally important and is typically a reflection on the cultures of our organizations. Too often meetings drone on, create unhealthy relationships and don’t move the needle on performance. As a leader if you are tired of wasting time in meetings that lack effectiveness and result in strained relationships this workshop is for you.

What specific skills will I learn?2018-10-26T06:30:43+00:00

As a leader in your organization you will learn skills on how to have an effective meeting.  The information is taken from a course called Facilitative Leadership developed by Interaction Associates (IA) LLC.  Through a special arrangement with IA this team recognizes Ed Halpin’s ability as a certified instructor since 1995 to teach the material and apply it so as to help elevate team’s performance to the next level. You will learn the basics of what it takes to have a good agenda.  We will teach you the skill set of facilitating through meetings as you strive to achieve your meeting desired outcome. You will have a chance to practice the skill set in front of participants under normal routine circumstances.  We will then place you in the “hot seat” where you will learn the leadership skill set of dealing with disruptive behavior.

Who is Ed Halpin?2018-10-26T06:31:39+00:00

Ed is a 35 year veteran of the Utility business who started as an engineer and finished his career as CEO and Chief Nuclear Officer of large and complex organizations in diverse cultures including Texas and California. Ed has multiple advanced degrees in the field of human behavior and leadership and was recently recognized with an Honorary Doctorate from the California State University sponsored by Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo. Ed is not an academic who has just studied the material, he used it throughout his career in building and reshaping organizations as well as in leading teams through very difficult situations.  Please see

What material will I receive and what else do I get for the cost of the ticket to attend?2018-10-26T06:32:16+00:00

You will receive the full student work book from the course “Facilitative Leadership” developed by Interaction Associates LLC. Breakfast and lunch are also included as is a 35% reduction in room rate (for as long as you desire to stay) at the exclusive Dolphin Bay Resort hotel on the central coast.

Tell me more about Dolphin Bay Resort.2018-10-26T06:35:53+00:00

Seeing is believing!  Dolphin Bay Resort offers a unique Executive stay experience overlooking the Pacific Ocean on the central coast of California.  Dolphin Bay offers a memorable SPA experience and incredible food and drink at the famous Lido’s restaurant.  The class will be held in a conference room overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  The rooms are suites all with a unique view of the central coast.

When I sign up for the event does the fee include hotel expenses?2018-10-26T06:38:56+00:00

No.  Please make hotel booking arrangements in advance with Dolphin Bay Resort.  Please make sure you mention that you are attending the workshop in order to get a 35% reduction in room rates.

How far is Dolphin Bay Resort from the airport?2018-10-26T06:39:41+00:00

About a 10 minute drive from SLO County airport and about 3.5 hours drive from LA or San Francisco depending upon traffic and time of day.

Will transportation be provided from the SLO airport?2018-10-26T06:42:29+00:00

We are going to leave that up to you. We suggest Uber or Taxi. If your staying for more than a day, rent a car and drive up our beautiful central coast.

Who can I contact if I have further questions?2018-10-26T06:45:17+00:00

Our professionals work together on the central coast. Please contact Heidi at 805-303-1172 for logistical questions or Dolphin Bay Resort at 800-516-0112 for room reservations.

Is there a course agenda for review?2018-10-26T07:12:44+00:00

Please see attached.

Is the cost of this workshop really worth it?2018-10-26T06:49:27+00:00

We believe it is for several reasons. First the instructor, Ed Halpin, is not just a theorist around the principles and suggested behaviors being explored. He has lived, taught band transformed organizations based on these practices. The experience will be rich with practical examples. The price includes breakfast and lunch as well as significantly reduced room rate prices in a resort that is world class on the central coast of California. So, if you want to learn and take a little self-pampering vacation this is the course for you. Last-this initiative is focused at continuing to increase regional economic development and support local 501c3 and not for prophet charities. Attendees can rest assured their money is going to good use.

How many openings are there in the workshop?2018-10-26T06:49:54+00:00

20-please sign up because these openings will go quickly.

If I cancel can my money be refunded?2018-10-26T06:54:11+00:00

Yes-Up until November 15th. Reservations after this date are non-refundable. Rooms can be canceled per the booking policy associated with Dolphin Bay Resort.